22′ Marble Rush Wet/Dry


Pay a deposit of $50.00 per item


Terms and Conditions

There is a $50 deposit required to book this unit.

Balance Due:
The balance due will need to be paid at time of delivery (cash, check, cashier’s check, or money order).
If you wish to pay the balance by credit card, please call us before the delivery date.
There will be a 3% processing fee with a minimum of $5 processing fee per transaction for credit/debit card payments for the balance.

Cancellation Policy:
The $50 deposit will only be refunded if rental is cancelled 30 days prior to event date. However, we do give the option to reschedule units upon availability.

Security Deposit:
For some non-profit organizations and groups, there may be a $150 refundable rental security deposit required at time of delivery/setup. This security deposit would be refunded upon pickup of the unit(s) assuming no damages were found.edium The deposit will be collected at the time of the reservation via online payment.